Take a look at the following tips and learn more about lock solutions

Are you planning to replace a few security door locks and would need some advice? Do you often have key or lock problems? Whatever your concerns are if they are related to security, keys and locks, the tips below will be invaluable. They offer solutions, dos and don'ts

Moving in advice

For your safety and peace of mind, it is always advised to replace home locks on doors and windows or rekey the locks before you move in to a new house. This will prevent the past owners of the house or whoever has keys to the door locks to have access to your property.

Where to hide keys

To avoid a house lockout, many people hide their door key in places near the door like under doormats and planters, or on the window sill. Burglars are aware of these common hiding places. If you would like to hide a key somewhere, our professionals recommend that you find a safe hiding place at least 20 feet away from your door.

Look for an anti-drill feature in your new lock

Lock drilling is a widely used break-in technique so it makes sense for exterior door locks, in particular, to be resistant to it. The anti-drill feature is practically a set of chips made from hardened steel. They are fitted inside the lock’s housing during the manufacturing process. When the drill bit reaches these chips, they practically tear it up. This is how the lock withstands the attack and lowers the risk of a break-in.

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